Paddle Making

Oconto paddles are crafted from hand-selected pieces of raw wood. From when we select a board from the rack to the moment the last coat of varnish is dry, a lot of time and energy has been used. A finely crafted paddle requires a great deal of skill and knowledge and of course a love for canoes and paddling. 

Paddle Making015Mike uses the band saw to begin the initial shaping of the blank.
Paddle Making009Robert operates the lathe to complete the shaping process.
Paddle Making008Each step further refines the contours of the paddle.
Paddle Making005Wally works to sand the final touches.
Paddle Making014

Paddle Making013Sharon adds three coats of varnish to each paddle and hangs them to dry between coats.
Paddle Making003
Paddle Making001
Shop Staff at Oconto Paddles:
Robert Wisteard, Mike Lowery, Wally Wisteard
Sharon Quinn